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Sharp’s first 4K Android TVs are now available

Sharp’s first 4K Android TVs are now available

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Sharp's first 4K televisions running Android TV are now hitting stores. Five sets, ranging from a 60-inch set to 80-inch sets, are now "shipping into the marketplace," Sharp said this morning. That makes Sharp among the first few supporters of Google's latest smart TV platform — easily its best attempt yet. Sony put sets running Android TV on sale earlier this spring, and Philips is supposed to bring Android TV to its 2015 lineup as well.

Among the first sets with Android TV built in The Android TV sets range in price from $2,099.99 up to $6,299.99, although Sharp suggests that you'll be able to find them in stores for less than that, probably topping out at $5,000. The sets are part of Sharp's UE30 line, which includes a 60-inch, 70-inch, and 80-inch set, and Sharp's top line, UH30, which includes 70-inch and 80-inch TVs. The UH30 sets are supposed to have more vibrant colors than other Sharp TVs.

Four additional Sharp TVs are also beginning to hit stores, though they aren't running Android TV. They're all still 4K smart TVs, but they're part of Sharp's more affordable UB line, which starts with a 43-inch model at $599. That's a great price for a 4K set, although Sharp isn't the only TV maker that's beginning to bring its prices that low. Still, it's helping 4K quickly become more affordable.