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Marge and Homer Simpson are getting divorced, but they were already divorced for 12 seasons

Marge and Homer Simpson are getting divorced, but they were already divorced for 12 seasons


The unintended ramifications of Milhouse

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News that Homer and Marge Simpson will briefly legally separate in Season 27 of the cartoon that secretly ended years ago is causing a minor tizzy on the internet. Apparently Homer will fall for a pharmacist, played by Lena Dunham, collapsing his marriage with Marge. What's more upsetting than the news of a fictional marriage crumbling is that it's all been done before.

In the third season's "Colonel Homer," the balding dad becomes the manager of a beautiful young country singer, who winds up making moves on her father figure. A shocked and confused Homer returns to Marge, the person he loved all along. The patriarch of the Simpson clan has a few more episodes like this, in which a guest star for whatever inexplicable reason finds him attractive, but they all end the same: Homer and Marge together forever.

The Simpsons are divorced from Season 8 to Season 20

Homer files for divorce in season eight's "A Milhouse Divided." Best known for Milhouse's dad Kirk Van Houten singing "Can I Borrow a Feeling" in a fruitless attempt to save his marriage, the episode culminates with Homer separating from Marge, then remarrying her in the company of their friends.

But because this is The Simpsons, and later episodes are determined to spoil the best parts of their predecessors, the second marriage was invalid. In the 20th season's "Wedding for Disaster," Homer and Marge must remarry after discovering Reverend Lovejoy's ministerial certification had lapsed before their wedding 12 seasons prior.

That means during the run of The Simpsons, Homer and Marge were unmarried almost as long as they've been married. Maybe that's some comment on the superficiality of marital labels. Or maybe it's just a really shallow plot twist. I swear this show is like a teething puppy. I love it so much, but all it wants to do is make me hurt.

Correction: The post originally claimed "A Milhouse Divided" aired in the sixth season. It actually aired in the eight season. The headline has been updated to reflect that information. Thanks @streeture!

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