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Safari for OS X 10.11 will send full-screen video to Apple TV, open Force Touch to developers

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When OS X 10.11 El Capitan is released this fall, you'll no longer have to mirror an entire Safari browser window to your Apple TV just to watch a video. One of the features that didn't get a demonstration on stage is the new operating system's ability to send videos to Apple's set-top box and play them at native resolution and at their full, original quality. This feature has been available on iOS for some time, and now Apple is bringing similar flexibility to the Mac. The company can't really afford to sit still with Google constantly adding new functionality to its $35 Chromecast, a product that also works with many popular iOS apps (but not Safari).

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Still another cool track not mentioned during WWDC's big keynote has to do with Force Touch and the pressure-sensitive trackpads found in the latest MacBooks. Web developers will be able to create custom actions depending on how hard a user presses down on the Force Touch trackpad. This could make for some very interesting possibilities depending on how creative developers get with the feature. If you don't feel like waiting for El Capitan's official release, you'll be able to participate in Apple's public beta beginning sometime next month.