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Watch Björk's harrowing, grand 'Black Lake' video

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It does the album's intense centerpiece justice

With her career-spanning exhibition at New York City's Museum of Modern Art now finally wrapped, Björk has been publicly sharing pieces commissioned for the show that once lived exclusively within the museum's walls. She revealed the VR-rich, 360-degree video for Vulnicura single "Stonemilker" last week; yesterday, she released the video for "Black Lake," the album's visceral, mutating centerpiece.

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, the video doubles as a tour through a piece of the craggy Icelandic landscape and a physical realization of Björk's emotional pain. She pounds along to the beat, and plumes of blue lava shoot up alongside her; she gyrates and howls before disappearing into the foggy middle distance. It makes for a draining, memorable viewing experience.