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TiVo Online brings the DVR experience to web browsers

TiVo Online brings the DVR experience to web browsers


It's a new way to wade through your backlog of shows

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TiVo has announced a new service called TiVo Online, allowing subscribers to stream both live TV and recorded programs on the web. The service builds on the company's attempt to make the DVR more friendly to devices beyond the TV; last year, TiVo introduced a Roamio DVR designed for cord-cutters, and earlier this year, the company replaced its "Season Pass" feature with "OnePass," which amalgamates live and recorded TV programs, TV on demand, and offerings from providers like Netflix and Hulu. TiVo Online blends OnePass with the ability to stream shows in the browser, but there are a couple of catches.

Unfortunately, TiVo Online isn't yet compatible with mobile browsers, and devices have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as their linked DVR, meaning there's no way to rummage through your archives while hanging out at a friend's place. The interface is clunky and dated, a staple of the traditionally stagnant TiVo experience. Even with these caveats, Online's launch is a step forward for a company that's fighting to hang with younger, more agile challengers.