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Apple will eliminate annoying bug that crashes iPhone messages with iOS 8.4

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Apple promised it was working on a fix for the recently discovered bug that can crash your iPhone or cut off access to the Messages app, and you can expect it no later than June 30th. According to MacRumors, the most recent developer beta build of iOS 8.4 contains a fix that prevents the string of unicode characters from abruptly quitting out of your messages app — and in some cases causing your iPhone to restart. Apple has already posted a Siri-focused workaround to avoid falling victim to the obnoxious problem, but a full fix will erase it for good by the end of the month. (There's always the chance that Apple will deliver a smaller update ahead of June 30th.) iOS 8.4 will also mark the debut of Apple Music, the company's new subscription streaming service that will go head to head with Spotify.