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Verge ESP: Talking to Aurora author Kim Stanley Robinson

Verge ESP: Talking to Aurora author Kim Stanley Robinson


Plus Thrones, phones, and phonies

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We are back for our second installment of Verge ESP, and this time Liz is sitting down for a chat with "hard sci-fi" (sorry) author Kim Stanley Robinson, whose new novel Aurora is a richly depicted — and yes, somewhat plausible! — story of our first mission outside the solar system. But before that, we talk about a somewhat dubious study suggesting a link between mental illness and creativity, as well as how Apple Music and the streaming music race are altering how we think about and interact with music. And of course, we would be remiss if we didn't catch up with an increasingly controversial season of Game of Thrones as it nears its finale. (Spoiler: both your Verge ESP correspondents are shockingly down with fictional child murder.) Next week, we promise Liz will get into the science behind White Walkers.

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