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Sad Keanu musters the energy to give a thumbs-up to the Ferrari LaFerrari

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My suspicion is that the IRL Keanu Reeves is a tapestry of every big-screen role he's ever played, from Ted Logan to Neo to John Wick. And with every movie character nuance that's permanently etched onto his soul, his physical self pays the price: that's how we end up with Sad Keanu. The Keanu that looks defeated, but might kill 20 home invaders at a moment's notice. The Keanu with wild hair and haven't-slept-in-three-days stubble. The Keanu that knows kung fu.

Here, it appears that Sad Keanu mustered just enough strength to attend what I presume to be a paid appearance at a Ferrari event, where he was caught off-guard by a photographer. "Do you like the car, Keanu?" the photographer probably asked. A pained smile, a hunched thumbs-up. "There's no doubt about it: #Ferrari is the dream," he replies.

Then, silence.

Off camera, Keanu eats a ham sandwich. Justin Bieber takes delivery of the LaFerrari. John Wick 2 is filmed. The world turns.