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Xbox One games are coming to the Oculus Rift

Xbox One games are coming to the Oculus Rift


And you can play them with your existing gamepad

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You'll be able to play Xbox One games on the Oculus Rift, the companies said today. At an event in San Francisco, Xbox head Phil Spencer said you will be able to stream your Xbox One games to the Rift and play them using your Xbox One gamepad. (A gamepad will ship with the Rift.) No specific games were mentioned, and it wasn't yet clear how many games would be compatible with the Rift when it ships.

Oculus' first consumer model is expected to ship early next year. The company hasn't set a price yet, but the total cost to use the Rift is expected to be around $1,500 including the cost of the PC. By partnering with Oculus, Microsoft has essentially turned the Rift into its answer to Project Morpheus — Sony's forthcoming virtual-reality headset that will be compatible with the PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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