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Apple made Loren Kramar famous, now you can download his first song

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Little-known artist makes iTunes debut after being featured at WWDC

Little-known musician Loren Kramar released his first single on iTunes today, a few days after Apple executive Eddy Cue introduced it to the world during the company's WWDC event. Cue focused on Kramar as an example of an unsigned artist who could use the new Apple Music streaming service to kickstart careers, and played a few seconds of his song, "My Life," onstage. That song is now available for purchase on iTunes, as Kramar announced on Twitter this morning.

The New York-based Kramar had a relatively low profile prior to this year's WWDC. He hadn't published any music to leading streaming services, and launched his Twitter account only after Cue mentioned him onstage. But that may also explain why Apple chose to spotlight him when announcing Connect — a new, Drake-endorsed feature that allows musicians to upload songs, photos, and posts to Apple Music. During WWDC, Apple touted the feature as a way for unsigned artists to engage with fans and reach new audiences, pointing to Kramar as an example.

"Loren Kramar, remember that name," Cue said onstage Monday. "We think he's going to be really, really huge."