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Ackbar's Eleven is Star Wars with George Clooney cool

Ackbar's Eleven is Star Wars with George Clooney cool

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Rumors have suggested that upcoming Star Wars spinoff Rogue One is to be a sci-fi take on a heist movie. But why wait until 2017 to meld Ocean's Eleven with Star Wars, when Synaptic Studios has done the hard work for us and posted the results on YouTube? Ackbar's Eleven is a five-minute mashup that blends video from Episode IV's Death Star trench run briefing with audio from George Clooney's Vegas robbery plan to surprisingly convincing effect.

It's the casting that really sells the short. Admiral Ackbar, of the fish-faced Mon Calamari race, is familiar enough with both traps and large bodies of water to play Danny Ocean, while Crix Madine takes Brad Pitt's role. Madine might not have Pitt's striking good looks and washboard abs, but he does have something the younger actor doesn't — a bowl-shaped haircut that looks like it could take a bullet.