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Honda will sell you its RC213V race bike for just $184,000 starting tomorrow

Or you can buy any of these amazing cars instead

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For the 2016 model year, Honda is producing a very small number of RC213V race bikes — Honda's MotoGP machines — that the public will be able to buy. Dubbed the RC213V-S, it's got basically every race-ready feature and high-tech electronic aid under the sun, up to and including "position-detection technology developed through Honda's ASIMO project."

It's beautiful, and it's sure to be an amazing work of engineering when it's on the street. There's just one thing: it's $184,000. That's 13 CBR1000RRs, Honda's garden-variety superbike.

For motorcycle aficionados who can afford it, that's a totally reasonable amount of money to pay for technology that normally competes at the very highest levels of racing. But it's hard to overlook the fact that the retail release of a six-figure bike is an extraordinary event — especially for a company that normally produces motorcycles that sell for a fraction of a basic family sedan.

If you're ready to get out the checkbook, RC213V-S orders start tomorrow, June 12th, at 6PM ET. But I wanted to know: what kind of four-wheeled machinery can you buy new, right off the showroom floor, for the same price as an RC213V-S?

Here are some of the more tantalizing options.


Porsche 911 Turbo S ($182,700)