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Watch Apple's all-singing, all-dancing alternate opening to WWDC 2015

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Apple opened this year's WWDC event with a decidedly un-Apple-like video. Featuring the comedic talents of ex-Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader, the clip imagined a developer-focused show that featured people on fire, cuddly mascots, a gang of Tim Cook lookalikes, and a musical number by Community star Danny Pudi. Previously only viewable by people who watched the WWDC live stream or were at the event itself, Apple has now uploaded the video to YouTube, allowing anyone to watch the weird four-minute sketch.

The video has nods to Apple hardware, popular iOS apps like Angry Birds and Evernote, and zeitgeisty references to drones and other tech. There's even a goat on deck, given a viking helmet presumably as a wink to the Swedish developers of Goat Simulator. Of course, the planned extravaganza falls through at the last second, leaving a familiar spotlight, laptop, and water bottle on stage. "We'll work with it," Hader sighs, "but whoever walks out there better have something pretty incredible to say."