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Snoop Dogg has 420 reasons he'd be a great Twitter CEO

Snoop Dogg has 420 reasons he'd be a great Twitter CEO


Rapper makes the case for his appointment with #ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO

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Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

After the news that Dick Costolo is stepping down as CEO of Twitter, the hunt is on to find his replacement and so far, there's only one viable candidate: Snoop D-O-double-G.

Snoop Dogg himself made the suggestion that he should become Twitter's new CEO not long after news broke of Costolo's departure, tweeting "I'm ready to lead @Twitter !! #SnoopforCEO," before following this up with: "First order of Business! Get that Moolah!" Which, joking aside, is exactly what Twitter's board wants.

Whether or not you think Snoop would succeed in Silicon Valley, you can't deny that he's a) got a lot of business acumen (just look at all the products he's involved in), and b) knows what social media is good for. Shortly after announcing his interest, Snoop corralled his 12 million plus followers to use the hashtag #ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO to offer their support.

Reading some of their suggestions, it's just possible to see a theme emerging:

But most importantly — as more than a few fans have pointed out — you know that if Snoop was CEO, he'd at least have his mind on his money and his money on his mind.