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Amazon has finally released its first transparency report

Amazon has finally released its first transparency report

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Amazon released its first transparency report today, making it the last major tech company in the Fortune 500 to publicly disclose the number of government data requests it has received, ZDNet reports.

From January 1st through May 31st of this year, Amazon received 813 subpoenas, and responded in full to 542 of them. Of the 25 search warrants it received, Amazon responded fully to 13 of them and didn't respond to four of them. The company says it received somewhere between zero and 249 national security requests.

A new kind of "transparent" for Amazon

"While we recognize the legitimate needs of law enforcement agencies to investigate criminal and terrorist activity, and cooperate with them when they observe legal safeguards for conducting such investigations, we oppose legislation mandating or prohibiting security or encryption technologies that would have the effect of weakening the security of products, systems, or services our customers use," Stephen Schmidt, chief information security officer for Amazon Web Services, said in a blog post.

Amazon is not legally required to release this information, but growing public pressure has likely persuaded it to do so. In the past year, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Snapchat, and even the NSA have released transparency reports.

Amazon says its transparency reports will be released biannually.