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You'll either want to squeeze or eat these squishy 'Jelly Gummies' GIFs

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Look at these jiggly GIFs! They're the work of Sam Lyon, the guy behind the deliriously strange Tumblr Jelly Gummies. Lyon makes gelatinous dancing dolphins, sticky bubblegum faces, wobbling starfish, and alien babies with slimy Jello tongues — plus a bunch of weird unnamable stuff.

In an interview with Giphy, Lyon said he starts with a photo of some object — a dog, or a toy, a Teletubby, whatever — and uses the sculpting and animation programs Sculptris and Blender to give them that gooey feel. "Sometimes it's just a case of opening up a program and seeing what happens," Lyon said.

The GIFs are mostly of surreal creatures who seem to possess the chemical composition of Flubber. The worst part of the whole thing is that you can't actually touch the GIFs. But you can check some of them out below and see more of Lyon's work here.