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Hillary Clinton streamed her first presidential campaign rally on Periscope

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Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton held her first major campaign rally this morning on New York's Roosevelt Island — and she streamed the whole thing live on Periscope. Olympian Michelle Kwan, an avid Hillary supporter, hosted the stream.

The speech itself was a broad outline of Clinton's campaign platform, extolling the nationwide benefits of a solid middle class, a strong economy, and a powerful system of national security. "No other country is better prepared to thrive in the 21st century," Clinton said.

Despite a brief battle with Meerkat, Periscope's user base has been growing rapidly, and it's already proven to be a useful (or maybe unavoidable) campaign tool. Republican candidate Rand Paul has recently been streaming many of his campaign events on Periscope (he's cleverly started calling it Pauliscope), but The Wrap reports Clinton is the first to use to live-streaming app for such a large event.

And just like Rand, who's been "connecting with teens" on Snapchat, it looks like Hillary could begin Snapchatting soon too. Business Insider reports that all of Clinton's potential user names have been reserved on the service, and Clinton's speech was on Snapchat Live this morning.