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Dota 2 is getting overhauled with a new game engine

Dota 2 is getting overhauled with a new game engine


It's called Dota 2 Reborn

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Valve just announced a revamped version of Dota 2, called Dota 2 Reborn, which will feature an entirely new interface and a new engine. The engine is speculated to be the Source 2, a long-rumored successor to Valve's Source engine, which has been running most of the company's games for over a decade, Polygon reports.

The Source 2 could be coming

For now, gameplay seems to be unchanged, but such a big technical overhaul means a lot for players, and a lot for an e-sport that offers huge sums of money in its tournaments. Valve says the dashboard redesign will make it easier for players to join a game, play with friends, and chat with other players. It will also reportedly make it easier for amateurs to learn to play, with better training tools and guided bot games. Dota 2 Reborn will include an expanded DotaTV, with detailed stats and graphs available, and information to help users decide which games to watch.

The upcoming International Dota 2 Championships will still likely be played on the current client, according to Polygon. Valve plans to release more information about Dota 2 Reborn next week and launch it in beta shortly after.