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Fallout 4 comes with a real Pip-Boy that works with your phone

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The Fallout series is known for the Pip-Boy, a chunky smartwatch-style device that lets you check various information on the go. But in Fallout 4, the latest instalment of the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise, you'll be able to have a far more authentic second-screen experience.

The collector's edition of the game will include an actual Pip-Boy wearable sleeve that you can slot your phone into, meaning you'll be able to access all of the features just by glancing down at your IRL arm. "As far as stupid gimmicks go, I chose the best fucking one," said Bethesda's Todd Howard on stage at E3.

You will, of course, also be able to use the iOS and Android app without the elaborate attachment. Fallout 4 is out on November 10th this year; the Pip-Boy Edition will cost $119.99, €129.99, or £99.99, and Bethesda warns that supply will be very limited, with pre-orders set to open soon. The package also comes with a Pip-Boy manual, a poster, and a metal case.

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