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Watch Nathan Drake destroy a helpless village with his Jeep in Uncharted 4

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Drake it till you make it

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At the very end of Sony's keynote tonight, we got our second long look at gameplay from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Hero Nathan Drake and his sidekick Sully are making their way to a tower, but are ambushed in a crowded marketplace. The demo had the same cheerful tone as the previous Uncharted games, but with as much violence as we've ever seen from the franchise. It also includes a long chase involving Drake and Sully in a Jeep, and their assailants following in a truck laden with semiautomatic weapons. The village is more or less destroyed.

This is the second big chunk of gameplay we've seen, following an earlier trailer in December. The next installment of Sony's popular series finds adventurer Nathan Drake once again traipsing through lush environments while shooting just about everything that moves. First announced in November 2013, the game is now expected sometime next year.

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