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Street Fighter V beta will launch first on PS4 next month

Tape up your fists and get your ice bags ready

Street Fighter V was given a brief moment to shine during Sony's Monday night E3 keynote with the reveal of two new combatants and the release date for the game's public beta. After a few seconds of typically hyperkinetic brawling, viewers were reintroduced to the fluorescent-mohawked, chain-wielding Birdie and the musclebound, scantily clad aerialist Cammy. The game's beta will be made exclusively available to PS4 preorder customers on July 23rd.

Details about Street Fighter V have been slowly dripping out ever since the game's teaser trailer leaked online last December: tentative release dates, character announcements, and even clips of live gameplay. The PS4 / PC exclusive is still scheduled for release by the end of March next year.

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