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Forza Motorsport 6 shown off at E3, and it's coming September 15th

Forza Motorsport 6 shown off at E3, and it's coming September 15th

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We'd already known that Forza Motorsport 6 was coming — we knew it was coming this year, in fact — but this is the first time we're seeing the latest installment in Microsoft's racing sim series in the flesh. From what we're seeing so far, it looks wonderful. (Admittedly, pretty much any game starring the drop-dead gorgeous Ford GT has a leg up in that regard.) In one scene, a crashing car impacts a wall of tires, which start flying over the track. Destructible environments aren't new, but it looks like Turn 10 is taking it to another level here.

Perhaps most importantly, Forza 6 has dynamic weather — a feature that was sorely missing from 5, which was an Xbox One launch title. There'l be 26 destinations, over 450 cars, and support for 24-car multiplayer.


First announced at Detroit's North American International Auto Show in January, Forza 6 follows on the heels of the seemingly successful (and quite good) Forza Horizon 2, which is made by Playground Games — Turn 10 takes responsibility for the namesake game, while Playground heads up the open-world Horizon titles. With both Horizon 2 and 6 on store shelves this year, that's a pretty solid one-two combo for fans of the genre.

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