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Take a look at Destiny's next major expansion, coming this September

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Sony has announced that Destiny's next major expansion, The Taken King, is coming September 15th. The Taken King appears to be a more dramatic overhaul than previous expansions The Dark Below and last month's House of Wolves. Sony is promising some exclusive content for the PlayStation 4.

Kotaku first reported details of The Taken King last week. The expansion is said to include new character subclasses, strikes, multiplayer maps, and a raid centered around Oryx, a Hive overlord that controls a new race called the Taken. The Taken King will be out on September 15th for $40, according to Kotaku, but we'll keep you posted on further details from Sony or Bungie.

Destiny, an FPS-MMO hybrid developed by original Halo creators Bungie, has a significant amount of content exclusive to PlayStation 3 and 4, so Sony is continuing its association with the franchise by announcing The Taken King at its own press conference.

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