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Watch the first 10 minutes of Fallout Shelter here

Watch the first 10 minutes of Fallout Shelter here


Like The Sims, but post-apocalyptic

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You'll have to wait until November until Fallout 4, but another completely new Fallout game was both announced and released today. Post-apocalyptic Sims-a-like Fallout Shelter is out now for iOS, and we've spent some brief time with it on an iPad — you can watch our first 10 minutes above.

It's hard to tell how well the game will hold up over several hours, but initial impressions are positive. Fallout Shelter is a well-produced, quirky game with a dark sense of humor and a neat inversion of typical free-to-play mechanics at its core. You have to build and upgrade rooms to expand your vault, the kind of thing that would normally prompt you to spend a token bought with real-world money if you wanted to do so quickly.

But in Fallout Shelter, you can instantly speed up the process — the cost is that it carries the risk of catastrophic failure, so you might see your residents succumb to fire or radroach infestation.

fallout shelter

As you will see, this happened to me pretty often.

Interest piqued? You can download Fallout Shelter for free on iPhone and iPad here.