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Rock Band 4 is coming October 6th, preorder page says

Rock Band 4 is coming October 6th, preorder page says

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It's been a while since everyone was rocking out on plastic instruments, but Rock Band is about ready for a comeback. It appears that Rock Band 4, the first Rock Band game for this generation of consoles, will be released on October 6th, which is when Amazon lists the game as becoming available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's worth noting that retailers are sometimes wrong about release dates, but the timeframe seems right — it'd put Rock Band in competition with the new Guitar Hero, which is targeted for this fall and will likely receive a proper release date soon.

Getting a full band is going to be pricey

As usual, buying a full Rock Band kit is going to be pricey. Amazon has the full set-up — with a guitar, drum kit, and mic — available for $249.99. Toys R Us also lists a package that just includes the guitar at $129.99. If you have old instruments lying around, those should still work, and you can buy the game itself for, likely, $59.99.

If you're not already set up with instruments, that means getting started with Rock Band is going to be more expensive than getting into the new Guitar Hero, which includes its guitar for $99. Of course, there are really big differences between the two games this generation. Rock Band 4 seems to be just another Rock Band, while Guitar Hero Live is going back to being a guitar-only game and brings with it a new key layout and a rethought formula of what the game should look like.