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Rare Replay is 30 games in one box, including Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark

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Rare games won't be so rare anymore

Rumors of a collection of Rare games have been bubbling for weeks. Today, the developer officially announced the project at Microsoft's E3 2015 press event. The Rare Replay collection will cost $30 and include 30 games — that's much of the developer's catalog, dating back to R.C. Pro-Am and Battletoads. Comparatively more recent games, like Perfect Dark and Blast Corps, will also be included. We've also seen Viva Piñata.

Some big names appear absent, presumably due to licensing issues. Goldeneye won't be in the collection. Neither will the Donkey Kong Country series, which is owned by Nintendo.

Rare Replay

The collection will be available on August 4th for Xbox One.