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Skype for Web beta launches worldwide, no calling support for Chromebooks yet

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Microsoft started testing its Skype for Web beta more broadly in the US and UK earlier this month, and now the company is opening it up to the world. It’s a basic version of Skype that will be primarily used for instant messaging with the service in browsers. If you want to make video or audio calls then you’ll need to download a plug-in or extension depending on what operating system and browser you’re using. As Skype for Web is still in beta, not all browsers are fully supported yet for video and audio calling.

Microsoft notes that there’s now limited Chromebook support, thanks to instant messaging working on the web version in Chrome OS. You won’t be able to make video or audio calls through Skype for Web on a Chromebook just yet, but Microsoft is planning to support this in future. The software giant is working with Google and others to create ORTC (Object Real-Time Communications) specifications to support a version of Skype without the need for any plugins or extensions. That’s not going to be immediate, so for now if you really want Skype in your browser then get ready to install a plug-in.