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The redesigned Netflix website is rolling out to users starting today

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A few weeks ago, Netflix unveiled details about a major site redesign, its first such change in four years. Now, that design is starting to roll out — the company officially announced that its new site would be available to some users starting today. If you've used Netflix on an iPad or streamed to your TV via a Roku, PS4, or most other set-top boxes, this new redesign will be largely familiar to you — it's got a lot in common with the interface the company rolled out across nearly every Netflix-capable device at the end of 2013.

Of course, it's been adjusted to work better on a laptop screen, and there's been a big focus on speed and getting you through the interface quickly. For example, clicking an arrow at the end of a row of movies will advance things by a full row; right now hovering over an arrow just slowly moves the carousel of movies forward. It's also been designed to work regardless of whether you're using a touchscreen or a mouse. You can also hover over elements of the new interface to pull up more information rather than clicking through to a new screen. All in all it simply seems like Netflix is making their site feel like a more modern piece of the web, where parts of it aren't siloed away. It might take a little getting used to, but it should make the old Netflix design feel dated pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the update isn't rolling out to everyone at once — Netflix says all users should have it within the next two weeks.