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Here's the first look at Unravel, EA's new puzzle-platformer about an anthropomorphic ball of yarn

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EA spins a new yarn

Unravel, the new puzzle-platformer from Electronic Arts, looks adorable. Announced during the publishers E3 2015 event, the game features a precious little creature made of yarn that unravels as it moves.

As a jumbled piece of red thread, you try to connect the pieces of life. In footage of the game, the yarn — who we believe to be called Yarny — navigates a human world. Because Yarny is small, everything he does is just so damn delightful. He trudges through snow, plops in leaves, subconsciously begs you for eternal love.

Unravel looks like something Sony might publish, which is to say it has a LittleBigPlanet-like quality. But it's no less a warm departure from EA's traditional catalog.