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Dreams is the most surreal game we’ve ever seen on PlayStation 4

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Media Molecule, the studio behind LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, just unveiled one of the oddest and most surreal games we've yet seen from this console generation: Dreams. "We’re building a place where you can go to explore the dreams of others, and then you can create your own," the studio said. Dreams will let you "get lost for hours journeying from the imagination of thousands of PS4 users."

You use the DualShock 4 controller to paint, sculpt, and build out your own game world, and anything in that world can be animated and manipulated in almost no time. "The game looks like a moving painting," said Media Molecule. And a huge part of Dreams is collaborating with others and altering or "remixing" their dreams. "You call up their dreams, and then remix, collage, and link them together." Media Molecule has focused on "making it quick, intuitive, and rewarding" to create, and a quick reel of possibilities makes clear that you can take Dreams in both very cute and sinister directions. But we didn't see much, and Media Molecule is promising more in the months to come.

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