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PlayStation Vue expands to California, and a la carte TV channels are coming soon

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Sony's internet TV service, PlayStation Vue, is expanding beyond its small list of launch cities to two new locations: San Francisco and Los Angeles. Vue is launching in those markets starting tonight, and Sony also outlined some ambitious and unique plans the service beyond what we've seen so far. In July, PlayStation Vue is going to try to deliver on the dream of a la carte programming — or at least start taking us in that direction.

"We will begin offering a la carte channels nationwide, and will be the first paid TV service to allow users to subscribe to individual channels without the purchase of a multi-channel bundle." Competing internet TV services like Sling TV offer customers a base package of channels for a flat fee and also sell extra bundle packs for an additional fee.

Sony too offers different tiers of PlayStation Vue programming starting at $49.99, and now it sounds like Sony will let you pick only the extra channels you want. At launch, these will include Showtime's stand-alone subscription service, Fox Soccer Plus, and what was described as "an exclusive" channel from Machinama. PlayStation Vue also offers local programming from the major networks, something that sets it apart from Sling; Apple reportedly wants to have similar live channels for its own internet TV service.

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