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Super Mario Maker will let Amiibo owners play as special Nintendo characters

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Make your own Mario, hot shot

Super Mario Maker will have special Amiibo functionality according to today's Nintendo Direct. When finding a special mushroom in-game Mario will turn into "Costume Mario," a look that reflects the compatible Amiibo connected to the system. In the demonstration, Mario grabs the mushroom and transforms into an 8-bit Wii Fit Trainer. A large 8-bit Mario Amiibo will be released alongside the game that allows the player to be an extra-large Mario in-game.

The game lets creators combine elements from various games and in unusual ways. In the video, enemies from different Mario games are stacked atop each other.

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Announced at E3 2014, Super Mario Maker is a level editor that allows players to create and play their own Mario stages. The editor has multiple visual styles, including the classic 2D look of the original Super Mario Bros., the heavy pixels of Super Mario Bros. 3, the cartoonish aesthetic of Super Mario World, and the smooth 3D of the more recent New Super Mario Bros. series.

Super Mario Maker is scheduled for a September 11th release, but know this: Nintendo senior game designer Takashi Tezuka was considering a follow-up to Mario Paint when he opted to focus on Super Mario Maker. We live in a universe of balance. For every good there is a bad, and likewise.