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If you want to visit every Tesla Supercharger in the US, read this first

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The Traveling Salesman Problem is a notoriously difficult mathematical challenge that can bring even the most powerful supercomputer to its knees. On the surface, it's devilishly simple — given a set of cities, what's the shortest path to reach each city and return to the starting point? — but once you start doing the math, you realize that you're staring down a nearly endless array of possibilities.

Now, what if that salesman had to visit every Supercharger in the United States — nearly 200 of them — in his Tesla? One data scientist laid out the numbers on their blog, and let's just say it's a long trip. It's long enough, in fact, that you're going to want to throw a going-away party before you leave, bring several weeks' worth of clothes, and stop for a few hundred bathroom breaks. (More if you're downing Big Gulps.)

Head over to Random Points to see the breakdown and the total distance you'll travel. If anyone takes delivery of a Model X later this year, decides to take this on, and needs a willing co-pilot, let me know.