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Hulu Plus will just be called Hulu from now on

Hulu Plus will just be called Hulu from now on


Simpler yet somehow more confusing

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Hulu Plus is going away — well, the name is. Hulu's premium subscription service isn't going anywhere; it's doing fairly well these days with 9 million subscribers, a 50 percent jump over where things stood last year. But in an attempt to simplify things, Hulu is getting rid of the "Hulu Plus" branding and putting all of its streaming services (both free and paid) under one "Hulu" umbrella. The company first announced plans to do this back in April.

The change definitely makes things easier for Hulu's advertising team, but could potentially confuse some consumers. Do you have Hulu? Which Hulu do you have? Netflix doesn't face this problem since there's no such thing as a free Netflix tier. The closest example is probably Spotify, a company that's proven simplicity makes for a smart approach. The old Hulu Plus name was pretty straightforward, but apparently Hulu wants to trim everything down to its core brand. With this move, you can expect Hulu to put an even greater focus on the subscription service. It's a nice revenue source on top of the many ads that Hulu runs while you're streaming shows.