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Nintendo at E3 2015: the 8 most important announcements

Yoshi's made of yarn, and Mario is everywhere

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On the first day E3's show floor will open, Nintendo delivered a solid if unspectacular lineup of games aimed at pleasing its fan base. No new intellectual property was introduced; instead, the company emphasized new twists from its existing roster of characters. The most impressive announcement was Mario Maker , a great-looking creative tool that will let you build your own Mario levels. Elsewhere, Yoshi is embarking on a new adventure made of yarn, and Starfox is returning to action after a long time away. Here are the biggest announcements from Nintendo's E3 event.

Super Mario Maker is coming September 11th

Build your own Super Mario levels in Mario Maker, which arrives September 11th. When you find a special mushroom in the game, Mario will turn into "Costume Mario," a look that reflects compatible Amiibo that you've connected to the system. In a demonstration, Mario grabbed a mushroom and transformed into an 8-bit WiiFit Trainer. A large 8-bit Mario Amiibo will be released alongside the game that transforms the player to be an extra-large Mario in-game.

Mario Maker

Nintendo AMIIBO are coming to Skylanders

In a surprise move, Nintendo announced a partnership with Activision that will bring its characters to Skylanders games. New Amiibo — the plastic toy figures that let you play virtual characters inside games — are coming to Skylanders for Wii U, including a new "Magma" version of Bowser who breathes fire.

Nintendo Skylanders

Star Fox Puppets


Starfox is back — and coming out this holiday season. We saw the first gameplay video of the forthcoming Starfox Zero, showing a variety of energetic space battles taking place across the galaxy. You'll have access to a variety of vehicles, including a drone and a "walker" ground unit. But the focus, as ever, is on flight. "We'd like people to play as if they're flying a real plane," Nintendo game master Shigeru Miyamoto said. "It's really exciting."

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

The latest installment of Zelda for 3DS is a multiplayer dungeon-crawler based on the Four Swords spinoff series. You can work together to solve puzzles and fight your way through dungeons. Also the game takes place in a game that "is full of fashion-savvy people," Nintendo says. So.


Nintendo Skylanders
Mario Maker

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer arrives in september

We say we're tired of violence in video games and so this is what we get. The latest installment in the cute-fest known as Animal Crossing emphasizes home decoration and design. You can get your house in order September 25th.

Animal Crossing

Metroid Prime Federation force coming in 2016

The next installment of the Metroid Prime franchise will focus on four-player co-op missions as well as three-on-three "sci-fi sports battles" — the first of which, Blast Ball, was revealed without the Metroid branding earlier this week at Nintendo World Championship.

Metroid Prime Federation Force


Mario Tenis

Yoshi's woolly world is adorable, and it's coming october 16th

This previously announced platformer has you playing Yoshi as an incredibly cute creature made of yarn, and you can play it in October. Made by some of the same people who made the great Kirby's Epic Yarn, the new Yoshi lets you unravel enemies and interact with the loosely stitched world. There will also be Amiibo — including plush Amiibo — and you'll even be able to turn other Nintendo characters into weird Yoshi-shaped creatures.

Mario Tennis is coming to wii U this holiday

Mario Tennis, anyone? It's got classic Nintendo characters, random power-ups to improve / ruin your game, and ridiculous jumping to reach otherwise impossible shots. Play it later this fall.

Mario Tenis

E3 is partnering with PAX organizers for 2023 return in LA


E3 2022 is canceled


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