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Nintendo to release special Amiibo that work in Skylanders on Wii U

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Nintendo is bringing two of its classic characters to a new version of Skylanders, Activision's highly successful hybrid video game and toy series. Along with the release of Skylanders Superchargers in September, Nintendo will release Amiibo for Bowser and Donkey Kong, as well as a corresponding vehicle for each of them, that can be brought into Superchargers over NFC, just like all of the accessories that Activision sells. It'll only work on Wii U, however, so anyone playing on another platform is out of luck. This is kind of the perfect tie-in for Nintendo, giving gamers yet another thing to buy but also making these Amiibo a bit more interesting — they can still act like normal Amiibo, but Activision's integration also brings them into another huge franchise.