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Just Cause 3 gameplay is a perfect video game satire, features hero surfing on an ICBM

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Just Cause 3 will probably be the only game at E3 in which the main character can surf on a missile then wing glide into a sports car.

In the latest Just Cause, Rico Rodriguez returns to "his mother's homeland" of Medici where once again he will overthrow a malicious dictator hellbent on global domination. Rico, of course, wants to return the tropical setting to it's beautiful and relaxed past. And he will do this by attaching four helicopters together so they crash into and obliterate a vital bridge.

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In the footage shown at E3 2015, we see the player destroying everything in the world: satellites, bridges, military vehicles. You know, whatever a small island nation needs to maintain its independence. The game features "unlimited C4."

Vehicles include monster trucks, construction vehicles, planes, battleships, and F1 cars along with who knows what else. And of course, at one point in the footage Rico appears to surf on an ICBM.

The game will span 400 square miles of virtual space, and include various modes, including "Crash the Bomb" which I mean sure why not. Just Cause 3 will add new features, including a wing suit, an upgraded grappling hook that allows for multiple grappling lines to be connect objects in the world.

Just Cause 3 is scheduled for release on December 1st on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.