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Jeremy Clarkson's final Top Gear episode airs on June 28th

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After Jeremy Clarkson's firing from Top Gear for assaulting a producer, it was initially unclear whether the show's final Clarkson-Hammond-May episodes would ever be broadcast. But it turned out that they would — and now, we've got a date for the very last one. On the evening of June 28th, the final episode that the three filmed together will come to BBC 2 in a 75-minute special, The Guardian reports. The goal of the final adventure, it seems, is to live a life of leisure on a £250 budget. All three hosts are seen wearing tuxedos and driving trucks attached to camper trailers that become progressively more destroyed over the course of the show. (In other words, it's a classic Top Gear setup.) Naturally, non-BBC markets will need to wait to watch it.

There's zero indication that Hammond or May will ever grace a Top Gear set again without Clarkson's return — and it's unclear how the BBC could justify bringing him back — so take in this one for everything it's worth. It might be a minute before the trio inevitable show back up on Netflix or Amazon Prime or something.