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Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to reserve and buy an Apple Watch in stores

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It's been clear that sooner or later, Apple would start selling the Apple Watch through its huge network of retail stores, and now it looks like the time has come, for some countries at least. As noted by 9to5Mac, an Apple Watch "reserve and pick up" system is rolling out in Australia and the UK as the date flips over to June 17th. It seems likely that the US will be on that list as well. It's still not as simple as just going in and buying a watch, however — you'll need to pick your preferred case and band online to make sure it is in stock before going to pick it up and buy it at your local Apple Store.

We heard earlier this month that Apple would start selling the Watch in-store in seven new countries, but those countries will probably have to wait until June 26th as previously announced. Either way, expect availability to be limited still — some Watch combos might not be available at all, at least until Apple's stock catches up with demand. Until now, Apple's official position on Watch availability has been that you must order online — though a select few stores did have them in stock for customers. Regardless, it's clear that it's getting easier to buy an Apple Watch as the company ramps things up to meet demand.