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Here's a Forza-branded Xbox One Elite Controller

Here's a Forza-branded Xbox One Elite Controller

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The Xbox One Elite Controller might already be the ultimate console gamepad, but here's something we didn't expect to see — not so soon, at least. We found these at the Forza 6 stations in Microsoft's E3 2015 booth: Elite Controllers with Forza-branded thumbsticks and a faceted D-pad celebrating 10 years of the franchise (the first Forza Motorsport debuted in May 2005).

We don't have any other details right now other than they exist. Branded parts makes a lot of sense for Microsoft, especially if they're sold as interchangeable parts (vs. the entire controller package), but while we think it's safe assume these will go on sale at some point this year (Forza 6 will launch in September, the Elite Controller in October), we honestly don't know. So for now, let's just enjoy some pictures.

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