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Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel deletes his tweets because he 'prefers to live in the present'

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Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Yesterday, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel starred in a strangely low-fi video that attempted to explain his social network to old people and emphasize the importance of living in the moment. "Identity is everything I have ever done," he said, using paper and pen to describe the self-destructing messaging service he heads up. "Instant expression says my identity is who I am right now." Shortly after posting the video, Spiegel backed up his confusingly worded statement, scrubbing his Twitter account of every single tweet but one.

Explaining the wipe, a Snapchat spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that Spiegel "just really prefers to live in the present." He was joined in his decision by Bobby Murphy, Snapchat co-founder, who also deleted his entire tweet history. Spiegel's Twitter account now highlights one tweet — a retweet of another Twitter user named Tay, who congratulated Snapchat for its cute icon on February 22nd.

Perhaps Spiegel intends to use Twitter like Snapchat, erasing older messages after their time is up and replacing them with new pictures, videos, and praise. Or perhaps the experience of being hacked and having sexist emails sent in the past uncovered has made Spiegel wary of leaving too long an online history. Either way, as Snapchat tries to demystify itself, Spiegel's decision to wash away a portion of his online history is a baffling one.