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Gogoro’s all-electric Smartscooters will start at $4,140 in Taipei

Gogoro’s all-electric Smartscooters will start at $4,140 in Taipei

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Gogoro, the Taiwanese company responsible for the most ambitious electric scooter we've seen, has announced preliminary prices for its vehicles. The Smartscooter will be available to preorder in Taipei from June 27th for NTD$128,000 or around $4,140, although the company has stressed that this is an introductory offer only, and doesn't necessarily reflect how much the Smartscooter could cost in other countries.

For NTD$128,000, customers get the scooter itself, one year of theft insurance, and two years of free maintenance and roadside servicing. More importantly, they also get two years' access to "all-you-can-swap" electric batteries from Gogoro's charging stations. These batteries are the only way of charging the Superscooter though, and Gogoro is staying quiet about how much they'll cost after the initial two years are up.

Gogoro claims its Smartscooter saves money after two years

Gogoro claims that although the Smartscooter is more expensive than its gas counterparts, once government subsidies and fuel prices are factored in, the Smartscooter actually saves money over a two-year period. However, Gogoro's comparison is based on a gas scooter costing NTD$81,000 or $2,620, says TechCrunch. This is at the high end of the market for gas scooters, which can be as cheap as $400, and it seems unlikely Gogoro will attract customers on price alone.

Horace Luke, Gogoro's co-founder and a former HTC executive, announced the news in a press conference earlier today, describing the Smartscooter's reception in Taipei as "beyond our imagination." The Taiwanese capital is acting as a testing ground for the scooter, with a flagship store — the Gogoro Experience Center — designed to show off the vehicle's selling points. If this model succeeds in Taipei, then we can expect to see the Gogoro expanding across scooter-loving Asian countries in the coming years.

Update June 17th, 13:20PM ET: Updated to add preorder date.