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Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson will not be a voice in Forza 6

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With the announcement this week that Chris Evans will take over as host of Top Gear, BBC put to rest any murmuring that the show itself may not go on after Jeremy Clarkson was let go in March following a well-documented spat with a crew member (Clarkson's co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May are also very likely out).

But what about Forza? Since at least 2011 with Forza Motorsport 4, the Top Gear hosts have lent their voices to various parts of the game — notably Clarkson's comments when selecting certain cars — as well as the Top Gear test track. Will Clarkson be a part of Forza 6?


"Jeremy will not be in this," according to the game's creative director Bill Giese when I met with him this week, coincidentally just after the Evans announcement. Top Gear, however, definitely is; the test track will still be featured in both dry and rainy environments. Meanwhile, other (former) co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May will be there in a slightly different capacity:

"Top Gear is definitely a great partner of ours, we will definitely include the track. They are doing some [in-game] showcase events for us. We will include Richard Hammond and James May as part of our influencers, not specific about Top Gear, into the game."

No word from the Stig, per usual.