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Isle of Man TT 2015: the world’s wildest road race in pictures

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The thrill seeker's lush green paradise. The adrenaline junkie's pilgrimage destination. The pinnacle of bike road racing. It's hard to find the perfect, all-encompassing superlative to describe the intoxicating mix of prestige, danger, speed, and excitement that the Isle of Man represents. The Tourist Trophy week of racing that this small island plays host to every year is regarded with nothing short of reverence among motorcycling fans. This year, I came along for the ride to look at how a new breed of electric bikes is carving out a niche for itself in the nascent TT Zero class. Check out my favorite pictures from the trip below and make sure to also read the full report from my time on the island.

Isle of Man TT 2015


Isle of Man
Two things that are particularly abundant on the Isle of Man: lush green scenery and motorcycles.