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Toshiba's new laptops put Cortana on your keyboard

Toshiba's new laptops put Cortana on your keyboard


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Cortana is going to be a big feature of Windows 10 when it launches next month. Toshiba is betting that it will be so important that its updated line of Satellite laptops include dedicated function key just for launching Cortana. The button, which is pretty much just a search key that ties directly into Cortana's voice recognition, is located above the number row of Toshiba's new C Series, L Series, S Series, Fusion, and Radius laptops arriving this month. It essentially does what the standard Windows-C shortcut in Windows 10 does with just one button. All of the notebooks also have dual array microphones, which enhance the voice recognition capabilities of Cortana and improve video and audio calls made from the laptops.

These laptops will all launch with Windows 8.1, but are all eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 for a full year from when it becomes available on July 29th. The Radius line, which is exclusive to Best Buy, features updated finishes and backlit keyboards. The convertible notebooks also support Windows 10 continuum feature that automatically switches the system from desktop to tablet mode when they are flipped into a tablet position. The Radius 14 starts at $584.99, while the Radius 15, which can be configured with a 4K display, starts at $842.99.

Toshiba Fusion

Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15

Toshiba's other laptops being announced today range from $394.99 (C Series) to $719.99 (S Series) and can be configured with a variety of Intel and AMD processors. If you've been jonesing for a way to launch Cortana without having to type two keys at the same time, you can find Toshiba's new laptops in stores on June 21st.