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Here's a first look at Fallout 4's Pip-Boy wearable

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I don't generally splurge on Special Limited Collector's Editions for video games — that extra-premium package that includes the game and various related accoutrements like figurines or folded-up maps of the in-game world. And yet there I was, watching Bethesda at its E3 2015 showcase announce a wearable Pip-Boy for Fallout 4, seriously wondering how much the collector's edition would cost (it's $119.99, by the way, and also comes with special packaging, a poster, and a pocket guide for the in-game world). I know, it's just a rather large smartphone case / gauche smartwatch adapter that I'd probably never wear even while playing Fallout 4, but still I'm a big enough fan to be tempted.

The good news is, we found the Pip-Boy at Bethesda's booth. The bad news, it was behind glass. The good news is, glass is transparent so we could still get a good look at the peripheral. The bad news is, glass is impermeable, so we couldn't try it on.