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Zookeepers do their best Jurassic World impression with pigs and penguins

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The Jurassic Park movies have become revisionist on raptors. Originally the second scariest thing on Isla Nublar, subsequent films have shown the improbably huge therapods first as oversized hooting egg protectors, and now, in Jurassic World, as park ranger Chris Pratt's BFFs. While still not man's truly best friend — that title obviously goes to the noble walrus — the image of Pratt guiding a raptor squad has become one of Jurassic World's most enduring images. So much so that real-life rangers, trainers, and zookeepers have started recreating it with other animals.

The pictures, shared on Twitter and Instagram, copy Pratt's pose to varying degrees of success. Giraffes, rheas, otters, quokkas, and dolphins feature in the photos, but less majestic animals are represented too. Twitter user Jason Smyth tried to corral three unimpressed hens, while @katieemick was stuck using two plush cat toys and a weird inanimate rabbit thing. The best are to be found on the #JurassicZoo and #JurassicZookeeper hashtags.

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