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Microsoft Band gets automatic golf tracking in new update

Microsoft Band gets automatic golf tracking in new update

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Microsoft has been gradually improving its wearable fitness Band since its launch in October. A major update in February added third-party apps and smarter coaching arrived in an April update. In the coming weeks, Microsoft is adding golf tracking. Thanks to a partnership with TaylorMade, the Microsoft Band and Microsoft’s Health service will soon track shots automatically and even keep track of your scorecard.

Microsoft has tweaked its Band sensors to detect the difference between a practice swing and an actual shot, and the Band will be able to detect the next hole when you move around a course. If you’re a golf enthusiast then this is ideal, and the Band will also track steps, heart rate, and calorie burn while you’re driving balls down the fairway. There’s even 5 minute warm-up sessions to prepare golfers for 18 hole courses and more.

If golf isn’t your thing and you prefer workouts or biking, then there’s still something to be excited about with the Microsoft Band update. Microsoft is bringing bike and guided workout observations to its Health service, so you can analyze your performance levels and rides from within the app. Because the data is automatically collected you’ll be able to see ride or workout history and analyze your improvement over time. Microsoft is planning to roll out the changes as a free update to the Band in the coming weeks.