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Imgur’s new Android app delivers endless GIFs, pics, and memes

Imgur’s new Android app delivers endless GIFs, pics, and memes


Key updates for the iOS app are also on their way

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Imgur wants to secure its position as the Instagram of funny pictures. The popular image sharing site has released its first native app for Android devices today, and promises that a soon-to-be-updated iOS app — currently under review by Apple — will finally deliver some much-needed features, including the ability to upload photos.

ios_imugr_upload_cropped.0.png The updated iOS app will finally let users upload images.

Like Imgur's native iOS app, the new Android offering revolves around card-based galleries that streamline the site's gigantic store of images into more accessible categories. Select "most viral," for example, and you're shown a side-scrolling stream of submissions. With a few taps, users can vote images up or down, leave comments, favorite submissions, or share them outside the app.

"This is our first‐ever fully native Android app, built completely from scratch," said Andrew Shu, Imgur's lead mobile developer, in a press statement. "We wanted to create a better mobile‐first experience, so you can quickly and easily tap into Imgur from your commute, when you need a laugh or some some support, when you’re bored, and anytime you get an itch for Imgur."

Imgur's approach to mobile is certainly aimed squarely at the just-killing-time crowd. Although users can get involved with the site's community if they choose, as with Instagram, the primary focus is letting people flick through a never-ending stream of content. But while Instagram leans more towards aspirational imagery (that is, delicious food and celebrities looking cool), Imgur's collection of GIFs, memes, and TV show screencaps are more about making people laugh.