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The hammer of Thor makes for a mighty fine PC case

The lightning-adorned Thermalthor was made from scratch by a Thai fisherman with a creative streak

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Glorious Mjölnir, hammer of Thor and intimidator of evildoers across the epochs, has this week landed at Computex in Taipei. The product of a young man by the name of Suchao Prowphong, this PC case was built from scratch as an homage to the recent Thor movies and to serve as a powerful piece of art. Thermaltake is showing it off at its Computex booth as a prime example of the ingenuity and craftsmanship that PC enthusiasts pour into their machines. Suchao's story is no less inspiring, as he was previously applying his handiwork skills to the job of fishing, which is where a Thermaltake rep discovered him. Now Suchao can be found strolling the halls of Taipei 101 and undoubtedly thinking up his next custom design project. He has done some work for Gigabyte as well, which you can see on his Facebook page.

As to the case itself, it blinks with a cerulean lightning, projecting an air of might and power. The lights can of course be switched to different colors and don't have to blink quite so distractingly, but it's the perfect setup for a show like Computex where everything is screaming for your attention. This hammer of the gods definitely achieves the goal of being eye-catching.

Alas, the pursuit of fancy form does come at the cost of some function: the Thermalthor, as it's affectionally titled, doesn't have room for a discrete graphics card and therefore relies on the integrated Intel graphics for its visuals. A small price to pay for feeling godly? Perhaps. One other cool aspect about the case is that the hammer can actually be detached from the base, though not while the PC is running. That's my excuse for not being able to lift the hammer, and I'm sticking to it.

Thermalthor custom PC at Computex 2015